photo: Anu Vahtra


personal show at Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn

"Laura Kuusk uses various techniques and source materials while creating her image-based stories. Excerpts from overheard conversations build up stories imprinted in exercise books; photos found on the Internet with the help of different keywords become pop-up cards; product images taken from IKEA catalogue are turned into watercolour compositions; a frame filmed from a window transforms into a horror film. The series „Almost Films“ that has been exhibited at several earlier group exhibitions is now presented at the current exposition in full length (including 4 videos, completed in 2010-2012). It is easy for the audience to identify themselves with the artist’s commonplace stories that are inviting people to (re)view the things that are in the picture and things that are not there. The subject treatment and visual language in Laura Kuusk’s artwork allow the viewer to find multiple possibilities for identification while creating an option to build parallels with one’s personal experience and related narratives. The viewer’s expectations meet themselves. Banality meets the standard format. Fact meets fiction. There’s enough material.

According to Martin Rünk, Laura Kuusk examines the storytelling situation in visual art where the recurrent themes are the glance, the relationship of power between the viewer and the artwork and the various means of creating a story."

(A quote from the communication materials of Tallinn Photomonth)