Social Body installation documentation at Kumu Art Museum, "Artist takes the floor", curated by Eha Komissarov, 6.07-10.11.2019, with Tamara Ditman's work "The Game"


Installation of VR video (3'55'') and photos (à 177x125 cm)

Choreographer and performer: Üüve-Lydia Toompere
Music: Lakker "Tuk Tuk"
Video production: MEDIT (The Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture)
Thanks to: Arnis Balcus, Brian Gillikin, Sander-Kalle Somma, Camille Laurelli

Social Body is an installation that consists of a photographic wallpaper and a 360-degrees spherical video. The images depict a female human figure in common street clothing, acting out choreographed movements that recall some everyday situations (i.e. taking a shower, waiting for a bus). There is a voice whispering a list of questions and keywords - the TOP questions of humanity according to Google Trends (the data of 2017). She is appearing at different distances from the viewer who is wearing a VR headset and finds him/herself in the middle of the same virtual landscape, acting out a choreography while watching. It is an everyday carnival - a way to turn the multi-tasking repetitive experience into a ritual. The video proposes an experience of meditation while becoming part of the collective consciousness through the repetitive rhythm, the sound whispering the top questions that occupy the mind of humanity, and becoming a dancer at this imaginative ritual dance party. What are the collective questions that the humanity has today? How to transmit the virtual multi-tasking experience that we are living through, still within our bodies and within 24-hour-days?